Here are 3 examples of Ellis Parker's ability to create posters to aid in the location or capture of suspects.  He would often visit newspaper offices personally to keep the public informed of his progress in controversial cases.  There he would include misleading information that would keep the suspect on edge and frequently lead to a blunder that results in his capture.


The Newspapers (below) reported the opinion that Ellis Parker's judgement was compromised by his ambition.  We don't think that was true.  His lifetime record speaks for itself.

Ellis Parker loved baseball.  Here is a shot of him at the ballpark.

Here is a shot of Ellis with Jimmy Fox of the Philadelphia A's.

The sad report of Ellis Parker's death.  If only he had declined the Governor's request to involve himself in the Lindberg case his reputation would be intact.

In 1934 many supported the a dinner to honor Detective Parker for his many successful years as a law enforcement officer.

An example of how the public perceived Ellis Parker.  He was well liked and admired.  His legend grew as stories about him and his cases were passed from person to person.